Dive into the Word this April!

Spend 12 weeks going deep into the Word
and learn how to lead effective Bible studies
in the Discipleship Bible School!


Impact your college campus &
workplace this summer!

Join us this July for the Messenger intensive
and learn how to shape the culture for Jesus
wherever you go in just 17 days!


Calling all teens!

Hungry to see Jesus move in your
middle school and high school campuses?
Sign up for INfusion KC teen summer camp today!

Searching for something more in your faith?


Let me guess. You’re not satisfied with how your faith is right now. You long to know Jesus. To really know Him. You just know there’s more to this Christian walk than just going to work, church, school, home, and repeating the cycle all over again. There’s a question burning inside of you that’s asking “Isn’t there more to my Christian life than this?” There is.

Come to YWAM Kansas City and dive into one of our university-accredited programs, from Discipleship Training School to the School of Biblical Studies, for radical, impactful, and accelerated transformation of your faith. You’ll be trained to hear God’s voice, evangelize, disciple, plant churches, and live out how Jesus’ disciples lived and evangelized in the book of Acts. Surround yourself with a community that longs for Jesus’ return and desires to see the Great Commission fulfilled in this lifetime. Be engaged with the Holy Spirit and see Him move in the world around you through signs and wonders. Come know God and make Him known. You’ll be ruined for the ordinary.

Transform your faith

Join a YWAM KC Discipleship Training School, a 22-week short-term mission program that sends individuals of all ages into the nations to spread the gospel. Speakers from all over the world will come and train you to hear God’s voice, proclaim the gospel, start discipleship movements, and engage in strategic missions. Choose from different Discipleship Training Schools with specific focuses such as worship, fitness, and more!

Continue your training

Already finished a Discipleship Training School? Secondary Schools are an excellent continuation of training to go deeper into more specialized topics. Here at YWAM KC, we offer secondary schools that will build upon the foundation laid during your DTS and to equip you for effective ministry and missions such as biblical studies and church planting.


Sign up for a YWAM KC Intensive, which are shorter and condensed programs (3-4 weeks) that train individuals of all ages to spread the gospel. Speakers from all over the world will come and train you to hear God’s voice, proclaim the gospel, start discipleship movements, and engage in strategic missions. Choose from Intensives with specific purposes such as training teenagers to bring revivals to their schools to teaching university students how to live a ministry life at school and at work.

Sign up for a conference

Spend a couple of nights here at YWAM Kansas City for one of our global numerous conferences hosted throughout the year. We go over topics like what a missional family looks like, what an evangelic lifestyle looks like, and have huge gatherings of prayer!

Come to our local events

Looking for community and a place to grow in your walk with the Lord in Kansas City? Join us for Thursday Night Gatherings of worship and Bible study and other events on our Facebook page that are happening on base.


U of N

All Discipleship Training and Secondary Schools offered here at YWAM KC give you credits at the University of the Nations. The University of the Nations is a global network with hundreds of local expressions, and U of N offers numerous degrees for you to apply for!


About YWAM Kansas City

Youth With a Mission, a global, multi- cultural expression of Christian believers, pioneered a base in Kansas City in 2011. This base is strategically located and is the product of nearly two decades of planning between the missions and prayer movement on the earth to fulfill the Great Commission. YWAM is the world’s largest mission-sending organization, located in over 1,500 locations in at least 187 countries worldwide to equip you to live a life of ministry in all spheres of society. Here at YWAM Kansas City, we offer three different schools with different emphases to train you in evangelism, the Bible, church planting, and more! YWAM KC also hosts numerous seminars and events throughout the year to build up those hungry to know God and make Him known.

We understand that to impact society, locally and globally with the Gospel, the presence of God is a must. Our vision involves implementing long- term discipleship models in strategic and measurable missions, co-laboring with other key players in fulfilling the Great Commission such as Call2All and becoming the apostolic sending hub; bringing the highest revelation of Jesus Christ to the nations.

This is accomplished by extensive, hands on training through schools such as Discipleship Training, Church Pioneering and Evangelistic Training. With top speakers from around the world, YWAM Kansas City trainings are sure to leave you equipped to preach the Gospel around the world.

What’s your next move?