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The Messenger Focus is designed to train leaders to develop the lifestyle, heart posture, and voice of a Biblical messenger.

What you’ll learn:

  • What it means to have the heart posture and lifestyle of a biblical messenger
  • Identifying the message that God has uniquely given you through your story
  • How to develop a biblically grounded message
  • Practical communication skills
  • Opportunities to practice preaching/teaching your message in Kansas City and on outreach

The Music (Worship & Prayer) Focus will immerse leaders into the heart of God to raise up praying & singing missionaries who are burning with passion for Jesus to be worshiped in the nations!

What you’ll learn:

  • The heart of worship & prayer, especially in the context of global missions
  • Improving your skills as a musician and singer
  • Developing as a worship leader and/or prayer leader
  • Involvement in YWAM Kansas City’s prayer room and corporate worship/prayer times
  • Opportunities beyond DTS to serve with OneEleven Global, the YWAM Kansas City prayer room, worship teams, songwriting, & more

The Basketball Focus will get you rooted in the God-inspired origins of basketball— a discipleship tool to reach the next generation.  You’ll go deep in your relationship with God, grow your athletic skills, and be equipped to impact the world through the game of basketball.

What you’ll learn:

  • Developing tools for coaching
  • Learning how to direct camps & clinics
  • Developing as a speaker and teacher
  • Growing as a leader
  • Learning how to share your gifts in basketball with others
  • Leaving a better player, teacher, and leader
  • Opportunities beyond DTS to be connected to and serve with the Origins Basketball movement

The Media Focus will introduce and activate you into a story-centered approach to media. Throughout the focus, you’ll gain key skills, refine your directing and producing abilities, and be equipped to make a lasting impact on the world through social media. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn a Spirit-led approach to directing and producing media
  • Master the often overlooked pre-production phase of a project
  • Develop foundational videography, photography, and social media skills
  • Receive personalized coaching and feedback on projects
  • Learn to troubleshoot common production challenges
  • Create compelling, story-driven videos during your lecture and outreach
  • Explore opportunities for continued involvement in missions using media

The Life Bearers Focus will activate women in the area of maternal health as educators, midwives, and leaders who can boldly share the love of Jesus and meet the practical needs of women in the nations!

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn to share the love of Jesus by meeting the practical needs of women in a community 
  • Experience serving at a local pregnancy center 
  • Learn from experienced midwives & maternal health educators
  • Go on a Life Bearers outreach, where you’ll be able to use your practical skills and knowledge to serve women in a missional context

The Urban Dance & Entertainment Focus is in partnership with GX International, a family ministry of YWAM Kansas City. This focus will teach you how to use skateboarding, hip-hop, media, and dance to radically change the culture of entertainment and bring thousands to know Jesus.