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Camp 1: July 11-13 // Camp 2: July 19-21

Messengers Kids Camp

Discipling the next generation of children by encouraging their childlikeness, including them in the body of Christ, and empowering the Holy Spirit inside of them

Reaching the Next Generation

“Let the children come, the kingdom belongs to them.”

Matthew 19:14

Studies predict that this generation born after 2012 will be the most unreached and unchurched generation. Our desire at YWAM Kansas City is to fight for this generation to encounter the love of Jesus and know the truth of who He is.

Through our Messengers Kids Camp, we create an intentional time for one generation to pour into the next through Bible lessons, worship, crafts, and games.


Camp 1

July 11th-13th


Camp 2

July 19th-21st

Registration Pricing

Pre-K to K


Early Bird


Only until April 30th


Family Bundle


Starting May 1st, families with 2+ children can pay $160 per child.

Kids Camp was really, really fun! I loved how we learned about Jesus, played games, and learned how to be kind. We had bracelets with beads on them: a black bead for darkness, the white one for light, the red one for Jesus' blood when he died on the cross, the blue one for joy, and the yellow one for His light upon us. It was so fun how we learned about our Father.

Kealoha Freitas9 Years Old

Frequently Asked Questions

Will lunch be provided at camp?

Yes, lunch and snacks for campers are provided, unless your child has restrictive food allergies. Then we ask that you pack a snack and lunch for your child.

What if my child has allergies or disabilities?

All children are welcomed and encouraged to come to camp. We will do our best to accommodate for any allergies or disabilities your child may have. We ask that you fill out the registration form with specific and necessary information. We will contact you if needed.

Is nap time available?

Napping is not provided during camp, but Pre-K & K hours are shortened from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Can my child sign up for both camps?

We ask that you sign up your child for only one camp. Our goal is to make our camp available to as many different children and families as possible. Our campus is only able to host a limited amount of children at a time.

What is the Neighborhood Family Festival?

We are hosting a free festival for all families within the Grandview area. Come with your family and enjoy free food, games, performances, and more! Register for free through this link.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Our team would love to help you and answer any questions that you may have! You can reach us through email: [email protected]

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Have questions? Email us at [email protected]